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One of client donations to charity for our “Coaching for a purpose” Project

Remember the Coaching for A Cause/Coaching for Charity our Lead Coach Catherine Li-van Rooijen initiated in December 2015 -31 January, 2016. If you want to help people who are in need and also in return want to get coaching sessions please hurry up to donate to Charity soon and you get complimentary coaching sessions.
Just like one of our clients did as per in the image. Think about those people including children who need food, clean water, medicine, a blanket, simple clothes, a shelter, a home, basic education, etc and you think you can easily contribute some and help a bit from your end, then click on any of the charity organisations’ website and donate. And again you’ll still get something in return other than you feel great about yourself for donating to charity, which is coaching session to help you with your self-development. Do it now, and you’ll grow!







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