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Five benefits of an Executive Coach

Gone are the days when you would be advised to get a coach because you were lagging behind, be it in studies, sports or at work. These days, even the most successful people have coaching relationships and mentors, with leaders actively seeking one to enhance their effectiveness. Coaching has moved beyond helping the laggard and now includes business leaders and corporate executives. The overarching goal of coaching is to help one be the very best version of themselves as a leader, an executive, and a person as a whole.

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks and clarify their values.” – Fortune Magazine

Here’s how hiring an executive coach is beneficial:

1. Serves you the cold truth others won’t tell you
It’s in our human nature to be embarrassed when we do something wrong and at times that thought of public humiliation stops us from admitting our mistakes. It is also because of this that others hesitate to point out our mistakes. The snowballing of mistakes could lead to a downfall of a person or the entire company. Executives coaches are present to not further condemn your actions, but to allow you to see the mistake and clarify it.

2. Greater productivity
Be it taking more/less breaks during the day, or finding out about your “golden hour” for churning out best results, your executive coach will be there to help you figure these things out. It’s not about the quantity of hours you put behind your desk, but the quality of the work you come up with. Realising this will allow you to segment your time better, improving your productivity at work.

3. Support and confidence to make bold moves
Call your executive coach a confidence booster if you like, they’ll provide support to make bold, but rational moves. Always wanted to step out of your comfort zone to try a new approach at a project, or voice out during a big c-suite meeting? Talk it through with your Executive coach who will help you craft a perfect strategy.

4. Work-life balance
Although executive coaches employed usually steer away from personal topics, there’s a widening grey area between personal and professional lives. We are after all one mind and one body. It’s almost impossible to ignore the fact that how you feel would ultimately affect your performance at work. It is pivotal to find balance and harmony in life – a task often deemed impossible but may just be achievable with the help of an executive coach

5. Awareness of blind spots
If you have been struggling with issues for a while and are no closer to a resolution, you may not be looking at the issue correctly. An outsider, in the form of an executive coach, can contribute new ideas, fresh thoughts and new ways to look at scenarios. This is one of the greatest benefits to executive coaching – the ability to spur new ideas and listening carefully to identify challenges.

If you have been struggling with certain aspects of your professional life and find that your career has stagnated, you should consider hiring an executive coach to provide a voice of reason and an independent viewpoint. If you are the type of person who wants to grow and improve, and is willing to trust someone to support you, get yourself an executive coach and be well on the way to a better version of you!

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