What Professionals Say About us


I just wanted to say you were so fun to work with. I still remember we had big laughs during sessions! I was feeling completely relaxed but at the same time you’re also the person who won’t make me forget the things we are working on. I also never lose my focus on what I need to take actions on to develop my leadership competencies and change my behaviours. Working with you as my Executive Coaching process has been transformative. I sometime struggled between being in leadership role and being myself. You made me realize that leader are not born, but grown. I then started feeling released and being able to focus on developing and polishing my leadership skills. I highly appreciated your coaching sessions and your devotion on helping me change and become a better leader. I have to say the process of leadership development from you really interested me, that’s also the reason I made decision instantly to work with you. One thing I really liked is you always asked the right questions to lead me to very solid answers that helped me with solid decisions. Thank you.

Belinda Champan, CEO, Australia

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for taking the time to be my Top Performer Coach. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from our sessions. One of the benefits for me was to expand my courage and insight to pursue other options in my employment path.

As I have experienced some setbacks for many years, I was challenged by being all of the job market and just taking jobs that were not best for me. I needed to expand and refresh. The visionary exercises were particularly beneficial to me as they did unveil what is authentically “me”. I fondly remember my vision of my very own planet you called “paradise”! Thank you for helping me through in a very simple yet enlightening way. Thank you for your dedication, professionalism and commitment to our goals and progress. You were kind, patient, and “really there” for me.

Thank you very much!

Valerie Price CEO, a Reputable Interior Design Company

I was experiencing career crisis, and I was very down for a long time. I had a wonderful discovery session with my coach from Sunglow Leadership international who helped me list down my top values from discovery session which I felt so aligned. On the way to meeting my coach for the 2nd session, I was thinking very loud that ‘I am having a career crisis and I most likely soon lose my job that I love as I am not recognised by top management. Yes she is a great coach but what can she do to change the situation? She can’t change my boss’s mind into keeping me for the job. She can’t do anything with our bank..’ However, my coach did a coaching exercise with me and I was literally smiling after it! I felt absolutely much lighter and was able to discover my strengths which helped me greatly come through the situation positively! When the 2nd session started my coach asked me to look at a mirror which was actually an iPhone camera and I saw an angry face and I even noticed my eyes were moist, but I did put smiles genuinely after the coaching practice. During the coaching period, I was gradually able to look at the critical points that turned to be turning points for turning my career crisis into a better job opportunity in the bank I work for, which led me act on it in a totally different manner and achieve things positively.

I eventually was able to look at the bigger picture and understand the company/management much better at the end of our coaching relationship. It turned out that I was offered a better job opportunity in our head office, which I hardly dreamed of it before.

The coaching program with Sunglow Leadership International totally empowered me and guided me though such a big crisis in my career and helped me make a break through!

Director of customer relationship APAC, an European Bank