What Professionals Say About us

I had a meaningful coaching relationship with Catherine. Her coaching has been instrumental in helping me to sort through my ideas to find my direction. Through the coaching sessions, I was able to formulate my ideas, and Catherine helped me realise that I wanted to set up and run my business and also how much I wanted to do this. Throughout the coaching session I realised that this aligns with my core values, which I discovered during the sessions.

I have cleared my mind, and deepened the understanding of myself through the coaching. I am now clearer with myself and more analytic as well. During the coaching relationship with Catherine, I have been able to let some limiting beliefs go, and now gained some positive new beliefs that make me believe in myself and helped me become more confident. I now feel empowered and feel really excited to pursue my own business I am ready for the next challenge!

Catherine was to me a warm, fun, dynamic but driven and determined person. Her humous style made me enjoy each session but at the same time her determination helped me focus on achieving my personal goals.

Jenny Lane, Founder & Manager Director, Notes on a Postcard

Sunglow has assigned a great coach to me. She is a great listener. I feel like she knows me much better than myself, which surprised me. She gave me a new dimension and techniques I have practised since our coaching program. She made me realise and make decision that I can change myself. She make me able to confront my greatest fears, which was impossible for me before.  As a result, I stopped avoiding the situations that I always had fear of  and now I just go handle the situation with growing confidence and the right mindset.

I have gained new life goals and become determined to keep on finding ways to identify the things I don’t like and find solutions to fix them. The Coach made me greatly step out of my comfort zone, that’s why I now can change! She made me brave. She made me realise and believe I am brave. She made me be able to control who I am. I now know much better about myself and I am able to change to be a better self.

I especially like the coach’s using Metaphor, which gave me a visual way to process complex situations. My Coach is absolutely helpful and encouraging. She is like a catalyst but also a carabiner- she worked with me to identify the directions, then lifted me up on the rock and created the room for me to climb and explore by myself but she is actually always there to hold me safe. Her questions helped me realize what is feasible and what is not.

One more thing I can’t forget to say is my coach is such a genuine person. I have learned a lot about the power of coaching from who she is and how she coaches.

Mike Dufresne, Director of Product Development