What Professionals Say About us

“We all have blind spots that, if removed, makes us stronger, more impactful performers. Catherine’s strength is her ability to see you wholly – your professional and your personal self. She helped me understand my core motivations, and distilled what drives me to do my best work. Throughout her agile and considered coaching, she’s helped me in more ways than I know, building awareness to unlock new perspectives, approaches and capabilities. When we started working together, she told me that coaching isn’t about fixing something, but is instead about sitting back and enjoying the change shift. It’s certainly been a great and revelatory ride.”

Erica Wong, Editor-in-Chief, Think with Google APAC, Google

“Dear Catherine, Thank you for your investment and involvement in WHW’s Top Performer Program this years. Your role in empowering and assisting our clients with realising their potentials plays an instrumental role in WHW’s ability to help clients navigate the issues they face in the workplace and to equip them to grow in their own lives. Your invaluable time and coaching skills help to support WHW’s mission to empower our clients to become the most valuable talents in the job market. Your vision and intuition not only helped our clients focused on accomplishing a specific outcome, it also allowed them to discover a life purpose and helped them to maintain a clear view of their goals.

On behalf of WHW’s Board of Directors, staff, and clients – Thank YOU for making a difference in the lives of our clients!”

With much gratitude,
Robyn Williams, Director of International WHW”

Robyn Williams, Director of Programs, International WHW

“With Catherine as my Executive Coach, I have taken many of the skills she helped me develop and am trying to practice them daily.
As a managing director, I was very focused on my own helm and lack of strategic perspective, which prevented me from growing and developing the company I serve to a different level. Catherine helped me uncover the problems and provided techniques that drew me to modify my leadership behaviours, as a result, enhanced my influence and increased positive business outcome in the organisation. Catherine is a flexible leader herself, which made me reflect on myself with my leadership behaviours & mind framework, and be empowered to go ahead to change and transform.”

Managing Director, a Global Consultancy Group