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Sunglow Leadership International helps organizations and individuals perform at their absolute best level, and achieve success in all spheres. We help corporate executives, business leaders and high potential individuals to unlock their potential to become more competent and effective.
Since its inception, Sunglow Leadership International has worked with executives globally and regionally in Asia-Pac, from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. We have worked with leaders to help them achieve peak performance professionally and personally. We are committed to help global organisations develop future-ready leaders and bring more of their greatness that drives compelling business results and accelerates organisation's future growth.

While we are going through the challenging times of COVID-19, Sunglow Leadership is committed to help you through your career transition by providing guidance on negating the frying situation of career and business, identifying short term career goal as well as long term career direction.

About Us

  • Career Coaching
    • Personality Assessments
      • Executive Presence
        • Effective Communication
          • Enhance Influence
            • Stakeholder Management
              • Personal Development & Effectiveness
                • Personal Agility
                  • Leading Through Crisis

Highlighted Career Coaching Service

Lead Coach Sunglow

We provide a holistic career coaching service to guide you through your career transition during the challenging times:

Personality assessment -> Assessment Debrief -> Deepen understanding of yourself
-> Knowing the market -> Identify career goal -> Present yourself ->Landing a job -> Transition into a new role


It is not easy to land a job in the pandemic time, let us make it easy for you.


We stand in the shadow, so you can shine brighter in the spotlight.

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