Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Successful Organizations

Sunglow Leadership International offers a range of professional coaching services for corporates, individuals and businesses to cater to their unique requirements. Our coaching is based on approved and proven techniques to help leaders and managers achieve peak performance and sustain the highest level of leadership behaviors.

We offer coaching services suitable for Corporates who have a global and culturally diverse workforce, as well as for Executives who want to hone their leadership skills and become more competent and productive. We also offer coaching services to businesses to help them understand the various challenges of running a successful business, and how to overcome them to become more profitable and sustainable.

For Corporates

We help corporate leaders develop key areas of skillsets including: communication skills, conflict management, leadership behaviours, deeper learning about self, understanding others, critical thinking, learning agility, work relationship enhancement, scaling up responsibility, on-boarding & transition. Working effectively in teams to deliver high quality work is constant struggle for most corporates. Ensuring proper communication and development of interpersonal skills is becoming critical for achieving high productivity and work efficiency at workplace, and our highly skilled coaches are committed to help organisations with setting the right approach at work to help executives become more productive and efficient by performing at their fullest potential.

We also work extensively with leaders in various industries to develop their skills to better lead and motivate their teams. We help them in their quest to develop their leadership competencies to inspire and lead a motivated workforce. The leaders are based all across the world with diverse backgrounds, and this is what we do best -providing them professional coaching to unlock their potential, become true leaders and lead with confidence and significantly positive impact.

Tools we are using for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching including:

- Hogan Lead Assessment
- 360 Assessment

For Individuals

As individuals, you may face many challenges in your professional as well as personal lives that prevents you from living with passion and fulfillment. Sometimes, you need guidance and mentorship to help you unleash your potential and live every moment joyfully and with purpose. These challenges may vary from struggling in your job, feeling stuck in your career, being unmotivated and uncommitted to your work and to your employers, low recognition from management, or just facing roadblocks in getting promoted at work. Whatever issue you may be facing, our team of experienced coaches can help you find the right way forward, develop the right strategies and plans to progress in your career and to become a more successful person.

For SMB owners

There are numerous struggles in running a business and sometimes it can be a lonely journey. The road to entrepreneurship is often said to be a path of extreme ups and downs. From making the business viable, to finding the product-market fit, conducting strategic studies on the market and then finding the right talent to grow the business – this is an endless list of things to do to build a profitable and sustainable business. Consult our experienced business coaches who are dedicated to help you, prevent burn-out and achieve the following:

  • Have a crystal clear vision for your business

  • Help you with strategies and techniques to create business success and thinking strategically

  • Expand your reach and find new customer base

  • Craft a cohesive action plan for growing your business

  • Create sustainable motivation and accountability

  • Prioritize your tasks so you can mange your time wisely

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed