What Professionals Say About us

“I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough- I have held many senior positions and have over 40 years of experience in my industry. When my employer first suggested executive coaching I was very dubious about the benefits and felt initially almost insulted that they should think that I require coaching. What a revelation it has been working with Catherine. Through her listening of the deepest level and ability to create connection and enable monumental insights, she has facilitated spaces for me to reflect on multiple-facets/levels, especially how I work, the values I work from, how others may perceive me and how I influence more effectively and display my impactfulness – this I am sure has not only made me abetter leader but a better person.”

Jonathan Evans, Managing Director, ExxonMobil Marine

I just wanted to say you were incredible to work with. You quickly makes an impact with your fluent coaching skills and facilitation process. The Journey of working with you as my Executive Coaching has been transformative. I sometime struggled between being in leadership role and being myself. You made me realize that leader are not born, but grown. I then started feeling relived and being able to focus on polishing my organisational leadership skills and diving deeper as a human. I highly appreciated your devotion on helping me change and become a better leader. I have to say the clarity and easy directness in your communication you brought is powerful that holding me to the commitment level I signed up to. One thing I really liked is that you always asked the right questions to lead me to very solid answers that helped me with solid decisions. Thank you.”

S.C., CEO, Financial Institution 

“I took up coaching with Catherine to understand my goals better and create a structure for achieving. My journey with Catherine has been that of delight as she facilitates self discovery through critical questioning and offering a huge listening space. This offers a safe environment. In my my own view, I have sorted many complex internal and spiritual challenges which has enabled to me move faster towards my goal. I adopted discipline as my fast friend and this was only possible through Catherine’s questioning and unassuming coaching style. She offers candid suggestions and I can guarantee that everyone can benefit to understand or discover themselves better if they had gone alone or with other coaches.”

Chief Information Officer, A Global Financial Service Provider